Welcome to the Christian Web TM !

The Christian Web TM is all about fellowship!

Welcome to our network of Christian sites.

Christian Chat (.com!)

Christian chat rooms and forums for international fellowship!

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Christian Penpals (.com!)

Christian penpals around the world, for email fellowship!

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Christian Personals (.com!)

International Christian singles fellowship!

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And more to come!

More fellowship to come, Lord willing!

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Christian Web TM Mission Statement

Christian Web, Inc. is a non-profit Christian organization proudly based in Cebu, Philippines. The mission of the Christian Web TM is to use internet technology to connect Christians together from around the world for online international fellowship and to allow them to connect with and share with non-Christians around the world who are seeking. Ultimately the goal is for Christians worldwide to be encouraged and built up via online international fellowship and for non-Christians to experience Christian love and fellowship that will eventually lead them to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Christian Web TM

Welcome to the Christian Web TM: Christian Chat (.com), Christian Penpals (.com), Christian Personals (.com), and more to come, Lord willing!. Our sites are all about fellowship! Encourage, and be encouraged. Reach out to people with the gospel, even in hard to reach places, via the internet. Make lifelong friends, or even find your lifetime partner.

We thank God for the opportunity to facilitate worldwide fellowship and outreach, with the resources that God provides. Donations are welcome from those who would like to support us in this mission.